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Where is Belize located?
Belize is located in Northeast Central America bordered on the north and northwest by Mexico, on the east by the Caribbean Sea and on the south and west by Guatemala.

What is the official language of Belize?
Belize is the only country in Central and South America whose official language is English. Spanish, Creole, Garafuna and Maya are also widely spoken throughout the country.

What is the currency of Belize and what is the exchange rate?
The currency of Belize is the Belizean Dollar which has a fixed exchange rate of $2 Belize dollars to $1 USD. U.S. currency and traveler’s checks are accepted throughout Belize. At White Sands Cove Resort, we also accept Visa and MasterCard.

What time zone is Belize in?
Belize is currently on Mountain Standard time since it does not observe daylight savings.

What airlines service Belize City?
American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, US Air and TACA Airlines all serve the Belize City airport from international destinations on a daily basis. Local airlines, Maya Island Air and Tropic Air service the cayes and other locations throughout Belize.

Do I need a passport and a visa to visit Belize?
All visitors to Belize need to present a passport when entering the country. Citizens of the U.S., the European Union and the Commonwealth, holding a return ticket, do not need to obtain a visa to visit Belize.

How long can I stay in Belize?
Visitors are permitted to stay in Belize for a period not exceeding 30 days.

Where is White Sands Cove Resort located on the caye?
White Sands Cove Resort is the first resort north of San Pedro, conveniently located just two miles from town. The Island Ferry makes hourly stops at our dock and the ride to and from town is less than ten minutes.

How far is the barrier reef from White Sands Cove Resort?
White Sands Cove Resort is located just a quarter mile from the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere.  The near by White Sands Dive Shop offers local diving and snorkeling daily.

Can I drink the water at White Sands Cove Resort?
Unlike other tropical destinations, our water is completely clean and safe. Our reverse osmosis desalinization unit filters all of the water on the property and water quality is monitored frequently.

What is the weather like in Belize?
Belize’s climate is sub-tropical and though the average humidity is around 83%, pleasant trade winds cool the island throughout the day and into the evening. Temperatures range from 50 degrees to 95 degrees with an average temperature of 79 degrees. November to January are generally the coolest months of the year with average temperatures of 75 degrees.

What is summer like in Belize?
Summer is really beautiful on the caye and many travelers have found that the best diving and fishing occurs from June through August. Average temperatures during those months is 87 degrees. Is it really going to rain the whole time I am there? If you checked the weather report for the dates that you are going to be in Belize and it says that it is going to rain everyday, don’t get nervous…it always says that! The weather stations that report current weather and 10-day forecasts are located on the mainland in Belize City over 30 miles away, where the weather is very different. Weather on Ambergris Cays is very similar to that of south Florida and if it does rain, it is usually a very brief afternoon shower and it is sunny again in no time. It is very unusual to get rain for more than a half hour.

How warm is the water in the Caribbean?
Average water temperature is right around 82 degrees year round.

Can I snorkel in front of White Sands Cove Resort?
Yes, the resort offers 200 feet of pristine Caribbean beachfront and the warm sea directly in front of the resort and around the our private dock is perfect for snorkeling. You need not travel far to enjoy the sights of the underwater world. Many fish and invertebrates, including a green moray eel we have affectionately named “Absinthe,” live in the cinderblocks and rock formations that surround the resort’s dock. The resort's groundskeepers rake the beach twice daily to keep it clean and seagrass free.

Is there shore diving on Ambergris Caye?
No, there is no shore diving anywhere on the caye, however many spectacular local dives are just a short boat ride from the resort’s dock.

Do I need to get immunized to visit Belize?
There are no serious epidemic diseases in Belize and no inoculations are required for entry. Anti-malaria tablets are recommended for extended stays in the jungle on the mainland.

What should I bring with me on my trip?
The atmosphere of Ambergris Caye is extremely laid back and likewise, dress is very casual. Most days, all you’ll need is a bathing suit or a pair of shorts and a lightweight top. You may want to bring some “beach formal” clothing such as khakis or a sundress for nicer restaurants but ladies, be advised…leave your jewelry and your heels at home! Locals on the island go barefoot all of the time, everywhere, even in the bank and the grocery store. Many of our guests join the trend within a day or so, however, we do recommend that you wear sandals or other beach shoes when walking the beach or in town. If you’re planning to go on mainland excursions such as Mayan ruins tours, we recommend bringing a good pair of walking shoes. Above all else, you’ll need plenty of sunscreen. Belize is just 18 degrees above the equator and the sun is very intense here. Bug spray with DEET is highly recommended for dusk. Make sure to bring your camera and your sunglasses. The rooms do not have hair dryers so please plan accordingly. Also, a small flashlight or headlamp is helpful for walking the beach at night. The resort has a small gift shop where you can purchase travel necessities that you may have forgotten such as toothbrush/paste, razor, sunscreen, aloe vera and various over the counter medications.

Do I need to bring an adapter for the electricity?
No need, Belize electricity is 110 Volts, same as the U.S.

Will my cell phone work in Belize?
In order to have cell service in Belize, you must have an unlocked GSM (Global System Mobile Communication) 1900 MHz phone. Phones may be activated at any BTL office or Digicell distributor in Belize. Prepaid service works using phone cards that can be bought at various stores around the country. Cellular phones can also be rented for $5 USD per day from the Belize Telecommunications (BTL) office at the International Airport in Belize City. A deposit of $150 USD is required.

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